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Vintage Page Designs: October 2012

October 26, 2012

Screw Post Photo Albums

My bookbinding adventures continue - I've learned how to create screw post photo albums over the past couple of weeks.  Below are a couple that I made. 

The first is covered with a Nepalese Lotka paper from The Paper Source and the spine is covered with black book cloth, which together with the archival book board and screw posts, are from Hollanders.


The inside pages are 90lb watercolor paper and there is a 1 1/4" wide spacer between each full size page to accommodate the bulk of the photographs - these will stop the album bulging open when it's filled with pictures.

The whole album measures 9" x 13" and the inside pages are 9" x 11" - plenty of room for several 4" x 6" photos per page.

Here's another I made using the same materials and dimensions, but covered with a peacock Florentine print.

Thanks for stopping by - have a wonderful weekend!

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October 7, 2012

The Imperfect Leaf

It rained most of last week, but happily on Friday the sun came out.  I had the day off work, so once the school bus left, I headed straight to the forest with my camera and dog in tow.  I planned to capture some of the early autumn colors and had in mind a great shot of a leaf on a mossy log.

I had been walking for a long time, unsuccessfully searching the ground for the perfect leaf to photograph, when all of sudden it hit me - I wasn't going to find the perfect leaf!  Why was I even searching for a perfect leaf? And what does a perfect leaf look like anyway?  Each one that I picked up and discarded was beautiful.  They were all dirty and damaged, but just like people, their beauty lay in their imperfection.

  I hope you like the picture of my not so perfect leaf - I do! 

October 5, 2012

Vintage Postcard Album

I've been stitch binding more journals this week and here's one I made using vintage postcards I had lying around.  I was inspired by a Vintage Postcard Journal created by Kara Haupt that I shared in my Friday Favorites last week.

Here's the binding: it's single sheet sewing using an exposed coptic stitch.  This particular method requires the use of four needles at once and it made my little brain hurt at first, but I finally figured it out. 

Most of the postcards are blank, so I can write notes on them, but a few have gorgeous handwriting, postmarks and stamps on their backs.

 Thanks for stopping by - I'll have more journals to share soon.


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